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General Questions Do you have a question about OBB programming including training, coordination, outreach, or capacity building support?

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Technical Questions Do you have a question about the on-line service including client logins, client passwords, and technical difficulty using The Benefit Bank?




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Marketing Order Form Whether you are a site or supporter of The Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB), you can order full-color marketing materials at no cost to you. Using this form you can order: • Promotional items like stickers, decals, and name tags;
• Items for daily OBB operations like client login cards, QuickCheck cards, and document envelopes;
• Client outreach items like flyers, posters, and door hangers. Please allow up to 10 business days for your order to arrive. 
General Outreach Presentation Help spread the word about the OBB at your next event using this presentation, available in Google Presentation format. Topics covered include: • The reason we do this work
• The supported programs of The Benefit Bank
• QuickCheck and other tools available to OBB sites
• The steps to getting involved with the OBB
• Information about how you use the OBB
Staff Directory Do you have a question for a specific member of our staff?




One way we communicate with counselors and others is through our facebook page. Join the conversation!

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