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Community Partnerships


We appreciate your commitment and dedication to the OBB and to the people that you serve on a daily basis!


To keep connected, provide updates, receive feedback and share insights with one another we host community meetings. In these meetings we not only talk about the OBB but also potential program changes and legislation that may impact those that we serve. These meetings also provide an opportunity for you to meet and network with other OBB sites.


We also enjoy reaching out to you by visiting your site from time to time! During these visits our OBB Program Managers will talk with you about your successes and any challenges you may be having. We may talk about features available in the OBB that could enhance your outreach to clients. Most important, we want to stay connected!


We deeply value our partnership with you and seek to expand our OBB network to help even more Ohioans through developing new partnerships! To reach out to us please email us at: contactobb@ohiofoodbanks.org.





Now Accepting Proposals for 2016-17 OBB Tax Assistance Capacity Building Grants


The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, home of The Ohio Benefit Bank, is now seeking requests for funding under its 2016-17 OBB Tax Assistance Capacity Building Grant.


This funding opportunity will provide small capacity building grants to OBB sites to help them expand their OBB tax assistance services and reach more households with free tax assistance. Last year, the funding provided 43 organizations with capacity building grants, with an average grant size of just under $6,000.


Please read the full Request for Proposals (RFP) before completing the Grant Application. Please save the Grant Application to your computer before entering any of your responses. Responses entered directly into your Internet browser will not be saved. Completed applications must be submitted by e-mail to Joree Novotny no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 14.


Please note: The Ohio Association of Foodbanks will not be hosting a statewide OBB meeting and training this year. Instead, our team will be working to schedule regional meetings to foster local collaboration and support the capacity of the OBB network. Stay tuned for more details!


Thank you for your interest and for all that you do. We look forward to receiving your proposal!





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