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General Outreach Presentation

You are welcome to access the presentation using one of the links below:


OBB General Outreach Presentation (PDF) – view and/or download


OBB General Outreach Presentation (PPT) – download the PowerPoint version



Customizable Flyers

Click to open and save the desired customizable PDF flyer(s) below to a location on your computer. Open the flyer in Adobe Acrobat Reader and add your information to the customizable fields. Adobe Acrobat reader is a free program and can be downloaded here (Tip: uncheck the optional offers before installing).

Benefits Flyer – College Age

HEAP Flyer – Autumn

HEAP Flyer – Winter

Tax Flyer – Family (Need a little hand this tax season?)

Tax Flyer – Groceries (Looking for ways to stretch your budget?)

Tax Flyer – Plate of Spaghetti (Keep a little more on your plate.)

Tax Flyer – Puppy (Hang on to your full refund)

Tax Flyer – Piggy Banks (Bank your full refund)

Tax Flyer – Senior (Need a little help?)

Tax Flyer – Student (No studying required!)

Tax Flyer – Veterans (Your tax refund is your money…)

Tax Flyer – Approaching April 18th Sign (This way to free tax assistance)

Tax Flyer – Good Morning! Coffee (Have a great day! Fill your taxes for free…)

Tax Flyer – Good Morning! Sky  (Have a great day! Fill your taxes for free…)