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This self-directed training builds on your knowledge as an OBB Counselor and will prepare you for the additional responsibilities assumed as an OBB Pro counselor. Key topics covered in the training include:


  • Fulfilling all aspects of the role of an OBB Pro Counselor
  • Implementing all OBB Pro site protocols
  • Assisting clients remotely and in-person following the client session flow processes
  • Explaining to the client and accurately completing all forms used in Pro.
  • Fulfilling the role of Authorized Representative
  • Creating a new managed case file
  • Using the Document Management tool
  • How to transfer an account to Self-Serve/Counselor Assisted versions of TBB


Steps to Becoming an OBB Pro Counselor

You must have successfully completed the OBB benefit counselor training.


  1. Click the button below labeled, "Get Started"
  2. Complete the OBB Pro Counselor Training
  3. Complete the final scenario
  4. Complete the pro counselor certification test
  5. Receive updated login credentials within two business days
  6. Begin assisting clients


Technical Requirements

•  Adobe Flash Player 10 or later (click here to be directed to the download page)

•  Broadband Internet connection

•  Tested in Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1, Internet Explorer 9.0.15, and Google Chrome 26.0.1410.64m

Get Started


Training Website

The training website is a mirror image of The Benefit Bank's live site. You can use this website to hone your skills as a Pro counselor. Complete a training scenario below or create your own scenario as you work to complete an application for a fictional character.

Use the following information to log into the site.


Login: ohpro+ any number 1-100

(ex. ohpro99)


Password: tbb12345


Zach Davis - Pro Scenario



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